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The Visual Basic Developers Resource Centre VBnet Frames 
 Just the Best Sites
Links verified active as of Wednesday October 14, 1998

The Best Sites

CCRP (Common Controls Replacement Project)
The CCRP is a group of developers world-wide who have band together to rewrite for Visual Basic developers the VB common controls and common dialogs with all the functionalty that C++ programmers.enjoy.

Carl & Gary's Visual Basic Home Page
One of the original resources for VB-related material and controls.

Joe Garrick's 'Visual Basic World'
Another buddy, with some interesting and fun links, and lots of database tips. Host of the msn Microsoft Access weekly chat.

Ramon's 'VB NetStop' 
Win32 API code samples and downloads. Recommended only for the intermediate and advanced VB programmer.

The Visual Basic Resource Index 
Provides a comprehensive index of Visual Basic resources and information on the web and elsewhere. There are links to a vendor search, programming, comments, news, FAQs, books, and software.


Visual Studio 6.0
The Visual Studio home for creating scalable multi-tier applications and Web applications, and integrating Internet technologies and client/server solutions.

Visual Studio 6.0 Components Pages:

The Visual Basic Downloads Area  Whether you are using the Enterprise, Professional, or Learning Edition, you will find sample code and product updates that will help you create quality applications fast.   The latest software downloads including beta releases, product updates, help files, utilities, and much more. For an extensive archive of past software downloads on the site, click the Software Library button.

Microsoft Developer's Network Online (MSDN)
The essential resource for Microsoft developers. If you can afford even the lowest level, you won't be disappointed.

Win32 Development Site
(outdated) This is the site for developers using the Win32 API.

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