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VBnet Welcome
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The Visual Basic
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Welcome to VBnet's new home on mvps.org, an address shared by several other great sites. As always, the code here is for the taking ... please just remember to observe developer courtesy and credit the authors in your application, as some some code was provided by additional authors and contributors. And if you are considering redistributing anything here either as text or a zip, please read this first.

Due to sheer volume, I regret can't guarantee a personal reply to all the email I receive. The site contents gives a pretty good indication of where my interest lies, and there are many areas I don't even touch, like networking, database, communications and internet programming. But I do read all email, respond where I can assist, and invite you to request specific code examples, point out errors, or just pass comments on the code or the site.



To view VBnet, a screen resolution of 800x600 or greater is recommended. The site has been developed only for frame-capable browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.x/4.x and Netscape 3/4. Composed using a 'small' screen-font setting and Medium selected as the browser font size, all VBnet pages are developed using Microsoft FrontPage98 and Adobe PhotoShop. To see the code pages as intended, I highly recommend you install the site's primary fonts, Univers and Verdana, available here.
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