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Sukhoi Su-24 Fencer

Two-seat variable geometry 'battlefield bomber',
reconnaissance and EW aircraft.

Variable geometry shoulder wing; wing section
SR14S-5.376 on fixed panels, SR14S-9.226 to SR16M-10 on
outer panels; 4 degrees 30' anhedral from roots;
incidence 0 degrees at root, -4 degrees at tip;
triangular fixed glove box; four-position (16, 35, 45,
and 69 degrees) pivoted outer panels, each with
pivoting stores pylon; slab-sided rectangular section
fuselage; integral engine air intake trunks, each with
splitter plate and outer lip inclined slightly
downward; chord of lower part of tail fin extended
forward, giving kinked leading-edge; leading-edge
sweepback 59 degrees 30' on fin, 30 degrees on inset
rudder, 50 degrees on horizontal tail surfaces; basic
operational task, as designated 'frontal bomber', to
deliver wide range of air-to-surface missiles for
defence suppression, with some hard target kill
potential; specially developed long-range navigation
system and electro-optical weapons systems make
possible penetration of hostile airspace at night or in
adverse weather with great precision, to deliver
ordnance within 55 m (180 ft) of target.

Hydraulically retractable tricycle type, with twin
wheels on each unit; main units retract forward and
inward into air intake duct fairings; steerable nose
unit retracts rearward. Oleo-pneumatic shock absorbers.
Trailing-link main units; KT-172 mainwheel tyres size
950 x 300 mm, pressure 12.15 bars (176 lb/sq in); KN-21
nosewheel tyres size 600 x 200 mm, pressure 9.1 bars
(132 lb/sq in); KT-69.430 brakes on mainwheels, with
IA-58 anti-skid units; mudguard on nosewheels; two
cruciform brake-chutes, each 25 m{2} (269 sq ft).

Two Saturn/Lyulka AL-21F-3A turbojets, each 75.0 kN
(16,865 lb st) dry and 109.8 kN (24,690 lb st) with
afterburning; fixed engine air intakes. Four internal
fuel tanks, capacity 11,700 litres (3090 US gallons;
2574 Imp gallons), can be supplemented by two 2000
litre (528 US gallon; 440 Imp gallon) external tanks
under fuselage and two 3000 litre (792 US gallon; 660
Imp gallon) tanks under wing gloves. Pressure and
gravity fuelling. Probe-and-drogue flight refuelling
capability, including operation as buddy tanker. Oil
capacity 24 litres (6.35 US gallons; 5.25 Imp gallons).

Crew of two (pilot and weapon systems officer) side by
side on K-36DM ejection seats; cockpit width 1.65 m (5
ft 5 in); jettisonable canopy, hinged to open upward
and rearward in two panels, split on centreline.

Two superimposed radar scanners in nose, for nav/attack
and terrain clearance and ranging to airborne target;
laser ranger/designator under front fuselage; SPO-15
radar warning receivers on sides of engine air intakes
and tail fin; LO-82 Mak-UL missile warning receivers
above centre-fuselage and below front fuselage; ram air
intakes for heat exchangers above centre-fuselage and
at base of fin; Geran-F active jamming system.
Integrated defensive aids suite.

(Su-24M): Nine pylons under fuselage, each wingroot
glove and outer wings for guided and unguided
air-to-surface weapons, including TN-1000 and TN-1200
nuclear weapons, up to four TV or laser-guided bombs,
missiles such as Kh-23 (NATO AS-7 'Kerry'), Kh-25ML
(AS-10 'Karen'), Kh-58 (AS-11 'Kilter'), Kh-25MP (AS-12
'Kegler'), Kh-59 (AS-13 'Kingbolt'), Kh-29 (AS-14
'Kedge') and Kh-31A/P (AS-17 'Krypton'), rockets of 57
mm to 370 mm calibre, bombs (typically 38 x 100 kg
FAB-100), 23 mm gun pods or external fuel tanks; two
R-60 (AA-8 'Aphid') air-to-air missiles can be carried
for self-defence. No internal weapons bay. One
GSh-6-23M six-barrel 23 mm Gatling type gun inside
fairing on starboard side of fuselage undersurface;
fairing for recording camera on other side.

Wingspan: 16 degrees sweep: 17.638 m (57 ft 10 1/2 in)
69 degrees sweep: 10.366 m (34 ft 0 in)
Wing aspect ratio: 16 degrees sweep: 5.63
69 degrees sweep: 2.10
Length overall, incl probe: 24.594 m (80 ft 8 1/4 in)
Height overall: 6.19 m (20 ft 3 3/4 in)
Tailplane span: 8.39 m (27 ft 6 1/2 in)

Weight empty, equipped: 19000 kg (41,885 lb)
Max wing loading: 945.2 kg/m{2} (193.6 lb/sq ft)
Max power loading: 180.5 kg/kN (1.77 lb/lb st)

Max level speed, clean: at height: Mach 1.35
at S/L: Mach 1.08 (712 knots; 1320 km/h; 820 mph)
Stalling speed, flaps and wheels down:
151 knots (280 km/h; 174 mph)
Max rate of climb at S/L: 9000 m (29,525 ft)/min
Service ceiling: 17,500 m (57,400 ft)
g limit: +6.5

LENGTH (m): 24.59
HEIGHT (m): 6.19
WINGSPAN (m): 17.63
MAX T-O WEIGHT (kg): 39,700
MAX WING LOAD (kg/m{2}): 945.20
MAX LEVEL SPEED (knots): 712
T-O RUN (m): 1300
LANDING RUN (m): 950
MAX RATE CLIMB (m/min): 9000