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Sukhoi Su-37 Super Flanker
Sukhoi Su-37 Super Flanker

Role: Single-seat and/or two-seat multi-role combat aircraft.
DESIGN FEATURES: Single-seat or tandem two-seat compound delta configuration, with close-coupled foreplanes; wings fold for stowage in minimal space; engine air intakes beneath root of each foreplane leading-edge, with curved leading-edge extension forward of top lip of intake; survivability features include 800 kg (1765 lb) of armour to protect pilot, power plant and critical airframe components, and reticulated foam to protect fuel system and tanks; specification, based on Su-25 experience in Afghanistan, called for transonic low-level attack performance, high agility and degree of low observability impracticable with large podded engines.
LANDING GEAR: Retractable tricycle type; twin nosewheels, single mainwheels; minimum runway hardness 7-8 kg/cm{2} (100-114 lb/sq in).
POWER PLANT: One Soyuz/Tumansky turbofan, 180 kN (40500 lb st) with afterburning; provision for flight refuelling probe.
ACCOMMODATION: Pilot only or crew of two in tandem, on ejection seats in armoured cockpit.
AVIONICS: Radar in nose, offering low-altitude terrain following and terrain avoidance at transonic speed, attack guidance against land and sea targets, simultaneous tracking of ten targets, and location, tracking and fire control functions against low-flying targets at all speeds, including hovering helicopters in surface clutter; laser rangefinder and target designator, including rearward designation; laser and radar warning systems; chaff/flare and other decoys; podded multi-channel thermal imaging system for 54-80 nm (100-150 km; 62-93 mile) standoff attack range; cylindrical ECM jamming pod (approx 4 m; 13 ft 1{1/2} in long) on each wingtip.
ARMAMENT: One 30 mm GSh-30 gun in starboard wingroot extension; ten underfuselage and eight underwing attachments for laser and TV guided air-to-surface missiles, anti-radiation missiles, short- and medium-range air-to-air missiles, 16 anti-tank missiles, pods of 85 to 370 mm rockets, guided, retarded and conventional bombs up to 1500 kg and podded 30 mm guns.
Aircraft Measures:
Length: 17.50 m (57 ft 5 in)
Wingspan: 11.8: 0 m (38 ft 8{1/2} in)
Loaded Weight: 25000 kg (55115 lb)

Aircraft Performance:
Maximum Speed: Mach 2
Service Ceiling: 17000 m (55775 ft)
Thrust: 40,500 lbs