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Sukhoi Su-25 Frogfoot
Sukhoi Su-25 Frogfoot

Role: Single-seat close support aircraft and two-seat trainer.
DESIGN FEATURES: Shoulder-mounted wings; approx 20o sweepback; anhedral from roots; extended chord leading-edge dogtooth on outer 50 per cent each wing; wingtip pods each split at rear to form airbrakes that project above and below pod when extended; retractable landing light in base of each pod, outboard of small glareshield and aft of dielectric nosecap for ECM; semi-monocoque fuselage, with 24 mm (0.94 in) welded titanium armoured cockpit; pitot on port side of nose, transducer to provide data for fire control computer on starboard side; conventional tail unit; variable incidence tailplane, with slight dihedral.
LANDING GEAR: Hydraulically retractable tricycle type; mainwheels retract to lie horizontally in bottom of engine air intake trunks.
POWER PLANT: Two Soyuz/Tumansky R-195 turbojets in long nacelles at wingroots, each 44.18 kN (9921 lb st); 5 mm thick armour firewall between engines; current upgraded R-195 turbojets have pipe-like fitment at end of tailcone, from which air is expelled to lower exhaust temperature and so reduce infra-red signature; non-waisted under-surface to rear cowlings, which have additional small airscoops (as three-view).
ACCOMMODATION: Single K-36L zero/zero ejection seat under sideways hinged (to starboard) canopy, with small rearview mirror on top; flat bulletproof windscreen. Folding ladder for access to cockpit built into port side of fuselage.
AVIONICS: Laser rangefinder and target designator under flat sloping window in nose. SRO-1P (NATO `Odd Rods') or (later) SRO-2 IFF transponder, with antennae forward of windscreen and under tail. Sirena-3 radar warning system antenna above fuselage tailcone.
ARMAMENT: One twin-barrel AO-17A 30 mm gun with rate of fire of 3000 rds/min in bottom of front fuselage on port side, with 250 rds (sufficient for a one second burst during each of five attacks). Eight large pylons under wings for 4400 kg (9700 lb) of air-to-ground weapons, including UB-32A rocket pods (each 32 x 57 mm S-5), B-8M1 rocket pods (each 20 x 80 mm S-8), 240 mm S-24 and 330 mm S-25 guided rockets, Kh-23 (NATO AS-7 `Kerry'), Kh-25 (AS-10 `Karen') and Kh-29 (AS-14 `Kedge') air-to-surface missiles, laser-guided rocket-boosted 350 kg, 490 kg and 670 kg bombs, 500 kg incendiary, anti-personnel and chemical cluster bombs, and SPPU-22 pods each containing a 23 mm GSh-23 gun with twin barrels that can pivot downward for attacking ground targets, and 260 rds. Two small outboard pylons for R-3S (K-13T; NATO AA-2D `Atoll') or R-60 (AA-8 `Aphid') air-to-air self-defence missiles.
Aircraft Measures:
Length:50 ft., 11{1/2} in.
Height: 15 ft., 9 in.
Wingspan: 47 ft., 1{1/2} in.
Empty Weight: 20,950 lbs.

Aircraft Performance:
Maximum Speed: 606 mph (mach .8)
Service Ceiling: 22,965 ft
Range: 405 nm