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Mikoyan-Gurevich Mig-27 Flogger-J
Mikoyan-Gurevich Mig-27 Flogger-J

Role: Single-seat variable-geometry ground attack aircraft.
DESIGN: Based on MiG-23B airframe, with enhanced power plant and nav/attack system for specific role; entered service second half of 1970s; production in USSR completed mid-1980s, continues in India.
POWER PLANT: One Soyuz/Khachaturov R-29B-300 turbojet, rated at 78.40 kN (17625 lb st) dry and 112.7 kN (25335 lb st) with max afterburning; fixed air intakes and two-position (on/off) afterburner nozzle consistent with primary requirement of transonic speed at low altitude; internal fuel capacity 5400 litres (1426 US gallons; 1188 Imp gallons); provision for up to three 790 litre (209 US gallon; 174 Imp gallon) external tanks.
AVIONICS: (basic MiG-27): PrNK-23 nav/attack system; SAU-1 automatic flight control system; INS; SPS-141 IR jammer; RI-65 16-item vocal warning system; SUA-1 angle of attack indicator; SG-1 radar warning system; SO-69 transponder; SRO-1P IFF; RV-5R/RV-10 radio altimeters; Fone telemetry system; bullet-shaped antenna above each glove pylon associated with missile guidance.
ARMAMENT: One 23 mm GSh-23L twin-barrel gun in fuselage belly pack (30 mm GSh-6-30 in MiG-27K/D/M, with 260 rds); bomb/JATO rack each side of rear fuselage; five other pylons for external stores; 4000 kg (8818 lb) of weapons, including tactical nuclear bombs, R-3S (K-13T; NATO AA-2D 'Atoll-D') and R-13M air-to-air missiles, Kh-23 (NATO AS-7 'Kerry') radio command guided air-to-surface missiles (laser-guided Kh-29, AS-14 'Kedge' on MiG-27D), 240 mm S-24 rockets, UB-32 or UB-16 packs of 57 mm rockets, twenty-two 50 or 100 kg, nine 250 kg or eight 500 kg bombs, napalm containers.
Aircraft Measures:
Length:59 ft. 6.5 in.
Height: 14 ft., 9 in.
swept: 26 ft., 9.5 in.
unswept: 46 ft., 9 in.
Loaded Weight: 41,670 lbs

Aircraft Performance:
Maximum Speed: Mach 2.35
Service Ceiling:61,000 ft.
Range:Not Available