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Mikoyan-Gurevich Mig-23 Flogger
Mikoyan-Gurevich Mig-23 Flogger

Role: Single-seat variable-geometry air combat fighter and two-seat operational trainer.
DESIGN FEATURES: Shoulder-wing variable-geometry configuration; sweep variable manually in flight or on ground to 16o, 45o or 72o (values given in manuals and on pilot's panel; true values 18o 40', 47o 40' and 74o 40' respectively); two hydraulic wing sweep motors driven separately by main and control booster systems.
LANDING GEAR: Hydraulically retractable tricycle type; single wheel on each main unit and steerable twin-wheel nose unit.
POWER PLANT: One Soyuz/Khachaturov R-35-300 turbojet, rated at up to 127.5 kN (28660 lb st) with max afterburning. Water injection system, capacity 28 litres (7.4 US gallons; 6.15 Imp gallons). Three fuel tanks in fuselage, aft of cockpit, and six in wings; internal fuel capacity 4250 litres (1122 US gallons; 935 Imp gallons). Variable geometry air intakes and variable nozzle.
ACCOMMODATION: Pilot only, on KM-1 or KM-1M (zero height/70-675 knots; 130-1250 km/h; 80-775 mph) ejection seat in air-conditioned and pressurised cockpit, under small hydraulically actuated rearward hinged canopy. Bulletproof windscreen.
AVIONICS: Modernised SAU-23AM automatic flight control system, coupled to Polyot short-range navigation and flight system. Sapfir-23ML J-band multi-mode radar (NATO `High Lark 2': search range 38 nm; 70 km; 43 miles, tracking range 29 nm; 55 km; 34 miles) behind dielectric nosecone; no radar scope; instead, picture is projected onto head-up display. RSBN-6S short-range radio nav system.
ARMAMENT: One 23 mm GSh-23L twin-barrel gun in fuselage belly pack; large flash eliminator around muzzles; 200 rds. Two pylons in tandem under centre-fuselage, one under each engine air intake duct, and one under each fixed inboard wing panel, for radar guided R-23R (K-23R; NATO AA-7 `Apex'), infra-red R-23T (K-23T; AA-7 `Apex') and/or infra-red R-60T (AA-8 `Aphid') air-to-air missiles, B-8 packs of twenty 80 mm S-8 air-to-surface rockets, UB-32-57 packs of thirty-two 57 mm S-5 rockets, S-24 240 mm rockets, bombs, container weapons, UPK-23-250 pods containing a GSh-23L gun, various sensor and equipment pods or other external stores. Use of twin launchers under air intake ducts permits carriage of four R-60 missiles, plus two R-23 on underwing pylons.
Aircraft Measures:
Length:59 ft. 6.5 in.
Height: 14 ft., 9 in.
swept: 26 ft., 9.5 in.
unswept: 46 ft., 9 in.
Loaded Weight: 41,670 lbs

Aircraft Performance:
Maximum Speed: Mach 2.35
Service Ceiling:61,000 ft.
Range: Not Available
Thrust: 27,500 lbs.