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Eurofighter 2000 (EFA)

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Eurofighter 2000 (EFA)

Role: Single-seat, highly agile STOL-capable fighter, optimised for air defence/air superiority; secondary capability for ground attack.
Collaborative design by BAe, DASA, Alenia and CASA, incorporating some design and technology (including low detectability) from BAe EAP programme; low-wing, low-aspect ratio tail-less delta with 53o leading-edge sweepback; underfuselage box with side by side engine air intakes, each with fixed upper wedge/ramp and vari-cowl (variable position lower cowl lip) with Dowty actuators. Intended service life, 6,000 hours or 30 years. Integrated structural health-and-usage monitoring system (first in any combat aircraft) calculates structural fatigue at 20 positions on the airframe 16 times per second during flight. Maintainability features include 10 mmh/fh and single engine change by four engineers in 45 minutes. Operational turn-round by six ground crew in 25 minutes.
Dowty Aerospace retractable tricycle type. Single-wheel main units retract inward into fuselage; nosewheel unit forward. Nosewheel steering is subfunction of DFCS. Tyre sizes 28 x 9.5 in main; 18 x 7.7 nose.
First two development aircraft each powered by two Turbo-Union RB199-122 (Mk 104E) afterburning turbofans (each more than 71.2 kN; 16,000 lb st). DA3-DA7, retrofitted (1996) DA1 and DA2, and production aircraft, will have two Eurojet EJ200 advanced technology turbofans (each of approximately 60 kN; 13,490 lb st dry and 90 kN; 20,250 lb nominal thrust with afterburning), mounted side by side in rear fuselage with ventral intakes. Staged EJ200 improvements available (but not funded) to 103 kN (23,155 lb st) and 117 kN (26,300 lb st). DASA digital engine control system.
Pilot only, on Martin-Baker Mk 16A zero/zero ejection seat. Smiths Industries glareshields.
Interceptor will have internally mounted 27 mm Mauser gun on starboard side, plus mix of medium-range AIM-120 AMRAAM or Aspide and short-range air-to-air missiles carried externally; four AIM-120s carried in underfuselage troughs; Germany to pursue development of short-range IRIS-T. Short-range missiles carried on ML Aviation underwing ejector release units. Eurofighter will, if necessary, be able to carry considerable load of air-to-surface weapons. Total of 13 external stores stations: five (including one wet) under fuselage and four (including one wet) under each wing.
Aircraft Measures:
Wing span over ECM pods: 10.95 m (35 ft 11 in)
Length overall: 15.96 m (52 ft 4{1/4} in)
Height overall: 5.28 m (17 ft 3{7/8} in)

Aircraft Performance:
Max level speed: Mach 2.0
Runway requirement: 700 m (2,300 ft)
T-O run, air combat mission: 300 m (985 ft)
g limits with full internal fuel and two AIM-120s: +9/-3